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0.9.1 - 2004/08/17

  • Fixed a bug where ROMs with the '#" symbol wouldn't appear in the ROM list.
  • Added a progress dialog box when loading ROM information from disk.
  • Fixed problem with compiling on Mandrake 9.2 when using older versions of QT.
  • Finally fixed the long-standing bug where KDE items (icons, rc files, etc.) would be installed in the wrong places. This was due to a bug in the configure script generated by KDevelop. That's what I get for relying on a GUI development environment.
  • Tested this release on Mandrake 9.2 and 10.0, Libranet 2.8.1 (Debian) and Suse 9.0.

0.9.0 - 2004/07/17

  • Updated to work with (and now requires) Stella 1.4.
  • Integrated the manual viewing into the mainwindow. It's now in a tab next to the snapshots and labels.
  • Any games notes are now automatically shown in the statusbar (previously the game notes were in the game list and could be turned off).
  • The 'md5sum' program is no longer required.
  • Rearranged the menu items to be more KDE styleguide compliant. Added the standard KDE 'Configure Shortcuts...' menu item.
  • Updated user manual.

0.8.1 - 2003/08/23

  • Major change for this release is the inclusion of Mandrake SRPM's. These SRPM's should have much cleaner integration into the Mandrake menu system. The SRPM's have been tested on Mandrake only, and may or may not work with Redhat, Suse, etc. Contribution of binary RPM's from these other distributions are welcome.
  • Added labels, snapshots and manuals in RPM format, which should work on any RPM based distribution. All future releases will use the RPM format.
  • Changed defaults for labels, snapshots and manual locations to match where the RPM's will install them.
  • Updated user manual.

0.8.0 - 2003/02/18

  • Large speed improvement in this release. A cache file was introduced so that if the ROM's directory hasn't changed since you last ran KStella, then the cache file is used, speeding up ROM analysis.
  • Many UI changes that reflect new options in Stella 1.3.
  • Made viewing of the preview window optional. Relating to this, the buttons previously associated with the preview window have been removed and placed in a menu.
  • Preview window has been greatly improved. It can now be resized to any size, and previews are much faster if using opaque window resizing.
  • Updated user manual.

0.7.1 - 2002/09/28

  • Biggest change for this release is that it is KDE3 only. All future development will be for KDE3. If you still use KDE2, then download the 0.7.0 version.
  • The startup crashes experienced by many people should now be fixed. Program startup now deals with unexpected errors (missing file and unspecified directories) in a much saner way.
  • Eliminated program saving of window geometry. KDE3 can do this much better, and with less problems. To activate, right-click on the title bar and select "Store Settings".
  • Beginning of configuration/UI changes that are required for Stella 1.3.
  • Updated the manual slightly, especially in the area of using KStella for the first time. Should be a lot clearer for new users.
  • Got rid of more KDE1/2 code which has been deprecated in KDE3.

0.7.0 - 2002/04/20

  • Huge version jump because of major changes to Stella. This version of KStella now requires Stella 1.2. It will no longer work on older versions.
  • Data locations for KStella are now customizable. Rom, snapshot, label, and manual directories are no longer required to be under the same directory.
  • Because there is no longer a central KStella directory, the '' location has changed. It can now be in /etc as '/etc/' or in your home directory as '$HOME/' (note the dot in front of These are the same locations that Stella 1.2 uses.
  • A lot of new options have been added to Stella, and the UI has been updated to take advantage of this.
  • Because of major changes to Stella and the UI, old config files will no longer work.
  • Snapshots/labels are no longer required to be a specified size. If the snapshot/label window is resized, then the actual picture will be scaled as well. For now, only large pictures will be scaled to smaller ones, not the other way around.
  • Rearranged some menu options (see documentation for more info). Got rid of menu item Setup->Refresh, since it really didn't do anything.
  • Added "Ctrl+R" accelerator to the ROM reload menu item. Reload now works as intended, showing any new roms added since KStella was started.
  • Added File->Statistics to the menu. This gives some info about the roms and file you are using.
  • Delayed selection of each item (in the list view) for a few milliseconds to prevent hogging of CPU when drawing multiple snapshots or labels in sequence.
  • Fixed compilation and install issues that occurred on some systems. KStella should now install in the right location.
  • Created an icon for KStella. I know its crude, but I'm not an artist :) Any contributions are welcome.
  • Got rid of some lingering KDE1 code which will probably be deprecated in the next release of KDE anyway.
  • Probably a lot of other things that I'm forgetting ...

0.5.5 - 2001/10/15

  • Added many more cartridge labels, added higher quality labels.
  • Converted every game manual I have to HTML.
  • Game labels don't have to be a fixed size anymore. Labels are resized according to current size of the window. No more need to crop and resize images in the GIMP :)

0.5 - 2001/08/15

  • Stephen Anthony becomes new maintainer.
  • Updated kstella to work with KDE2.2.
  • Created sourceforge page for KStella.
  • Complete rewrite of GUI dialogs and added simple session management.
  • Complete rewrite of some classes and major modifications to some others (see source code).
  • Added many more game snapshots and labels, and converted many game manuals to HTML.
  • Complete rewrite of the user documentation, converted from HTML to Docbook format.

0.4 - 2000/01/21.

Internal alpha code for KDE 2.0, never released.
  • Following changes made by Stephen Anthony:
  • Codebase ported to KDE2/QT2. Use version 0.2 if you still have KDE1.
  • Launching external programs changed from using KProcess to KRun (new to KDE2). Fixes some crashes.
  • Converted more game manuals to HTML.
  • Updated user documentation.


- Internal pre-alpha code for KDE 1.89, never released

0.2 - 2000/08/15

(last version modified by Scott Patterson)
  • Changed some (char *) to (QString &).
  • Simplified setup.
  • Made workable with full install or to run from CD :)
  • Actually produced some user documentation.

0.1 - 1999/11/26

  • Initial release.

Stephen Anthony

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