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The Atari 2600 classic - Adventure

Notice - All work on KStella has ceased

The next version of Stella will contain a built-in GUI for changing settings and launching ROMs. This GUI is completely cross-platform, meaning that all external frontends are no longer required. So effective immediately, I will be discontinuing work on KStella and concentrating on Stella directly, acting as official maintainer of the Linux and Win32 ports.

The new version of Stella will not have the ability to show snapshots or HTML manuals (although snapshot support will probably be added at some point). A unique feature of the new Stella is the ability to not use the ROM launcher if launched with a ROM on the commandline. So this means that an external frontend can be used if desired. Anyone interested in maintaining KStella for this reason can contact me directly.

KStella is NOT an emulator. It is merely a frontend to Stella, a multi-platform, Atari 2600 emulator.

Stephen Anthony

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