Compilation and Installation

In order to compile and install KStella on your system from a source tarball, type the following in the base directory of the KStella distribution:

			% ./configure
			% make
			% make install (as root)

Since KStella uses autoconf and automake you should have not trouble compiling it. Should you run into problems please report them to Stephen Anthony at <>.

KStella now comes in a source RPM (SRPM) package as well. To compile and install this SRPM, consult your distributions instructions regarding compiling and installing SRPM's.

Once KStella is built and installed, you need to do a few other things:

Thats all you need for basic KStella usage. See the next section if you want to add snapshots, manuals, etc.

You may download optional manuals, game snapshots and cartridge labels. These are all located at the KStella page. You only have to install the ones you want, they are all optional. The following gives a description of how to do this:

That's it, KStella should be correctly installed :) See the next section on how to actually configure and use KStella.