The main KStella window

On the left there is a listbox containing listings of game roms. On the right there are three tabs, one showing game snapshots, the next showing cartridge labels, and the last showing game manuals.

If this is your first time running KStella, then the rom listing will show every game that KStella knows about (as determined by the file). If you want to see only the roms that you actually have (the ones in the roms directory), then select "View->Available Roms" from the menu. Similarly, you can select "View->Unavailable Roms", which will show all the roms that you don't have.

You can select a game from the rom listing using either the keyboard or mouse. If you single click on a game, or move up or down the list with the cursor keys (which is faster), then a snapshot of that game appears on the right. You may also click the "Label" tab to see a scan of the original cartridge, or on the "Manual" tab to see a manual for that game. Note that you may select the "Snapshot", "Label", or "Manual" tabs by using the left and right cursor keys as well.

When you have selected a game, you have two choices (changes its settings or actually play it) which are selected from the "Game" menu:

Note that there are four ways to actually start playing a game: