Chapter 3. Using KStella

KStella shouldn't be too difficult to understand. I tried to keep the GUI as simple as possible so it would be intuitive to use.

Starting KStella for the first time

As of Stella 1.4, there is only one version of Stella (the SDL version). Older releases (1.2 and 1.3) consisted of X11 and SDL versions, but the X11 version has been discontinued.

KStella requires a valid properties file. If one cannot be found, a message box will appear telling you this.

Assuming a valid properties file is found, when running KStella for the first time, you should select the "Settings->Emulator Defaults" option from the menu. You should press "Defaults", and then specify the locations for roms. The other locations are optional. If you don't specify them, then you won't be able to take advantage of those features. Then press "OK".

Next, you should select the "Setings->Game Defaults" option from the menu. These settings will be the ones used for every game you play, unless you change settings for some specific game. Please refer to the main Stella documentation for an explanation of each setting. For now, it will suffice to press "Defaults" and then "OK".