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New version of KStella (0.9.1) released. This version works with the newest Stella (version 1.4.x) only. See the online changelog for more information.

New version of KStella (0.9.0) released. This version works with the newest Stella (version 1.4) only. See the online changelog for more information. Yes, it's finally here.

OK, so the release I mentioned before Christmas still hasn't been done :) I've been sick for about a month, in the process of changing jobs, and other real-life stuff ...

Anyway, I've just released a binary RPM for Mandrake 9.x and 10.0 Community edition. This should help the people who had trouble compiling from source.

I promise to try to get releases done more quickly from now on. And to finally release the anticipated Stella 1.4 ...

Just to let everyone know, I'm not dead, and development hasn't stopped :) It's just that I'm the lead maintainer for the Linux SDL version of Stella (the X11 port is being dropped), and now the temporary maintainer for the Windows version of Stella as well. That, and a hectic work schedule, has delayed the next release.

Now for the good news. There will be a new release of Stella and KStella before Christmas. The main feature for this release of Stella is event remapping in the core. So you'll finally be able to have 'Select' and 'Reset' on your joystick! Also, there will be an OpenGL port of Stella. For KStella, I plan to add a toolbar, integrated manual pages, and better sorting options (including user ratings).

New version of KStella (0.8.1) released. This version works with the newest Stella (version 1.3) only. See the online changelog for more information. I've also cleaned up the website a little, and added some updated screenshots.

New version of KStella (0.8.0) released. This version works with the newest Stella (version 1.3) only. This version is also much faster than previous versions. See the online changelog for more information.

The next release of KStella will be available soon. It will require Stella 1.3 and KDE3. Stella 1.3 is due to be released over the next few weeks, so I will release KStella immediately after that.

New version of KStella (0.7.1) released. There are a few changes from the last version, most notably, the startup crash experienced by many people. Also, this version is KDE3 only. See the online changelog for more information.

A new release of KStella is in the works. I'm just finishing up some nasty bugs, adding some options to the UI for features of Stella in CVS, and creating an updated manual. The new version (and all future versions) will require KDE3. Support for KDE2 has been dropped.

New version of KStella (0.7.0) released. This one has many changes, see the online changelog for more information. Updated the web pages with a changelog section and removed the changelog from the online manual. Note that this version requires Stella 1.2, and will not work with older versions. Also, this will probably be the last release for KDE2, since I'm moving all development to KDE3.

Work on KStella has not been abandoned!! I've been holding off on releasing the new version (0.7.0) since it will require the newest version of Stella, which is still in CVS. I am a co-developer on that project as well, and I just found out that the new version of Stella (1.2) should be released in early April. I will release KStella 0.7.0 immediately after that :)

Added link to stella.zip file as requested by the maintainer of that file. Now you can always get the most up-to-date version of stella.pro from here :) Fixed the labels link for game names starting with a number. Some users reported problems downloading that file. Revised the manual with instructions on how to decompress the stella.zip file.

Updated KStella to 0.5.5. Added every HTML manual I could find, added many more high quality labels, and added ability for KStella to scale labels in the label window (no more cropping and resizing in the GIMP). As per users request, I've split the labels into more managable chunks according to game name. Finally got around to actually making a file release on the sourceforge page. Before this, the file was only able to be downloaded from the web page.

After a long break, development on KStella has restarted. There is a new maintainer (Stephen Anthony) and the project has been ported to KDE2. Many improvements have been made, more HTML manuals and game snapshots are present and the project is now under active development. See the Changelog in the online manual for the specifics.

Finally an update. I've hardcoded the paths to the snapshots, etc. which should simplify the installation. I also made sure I can run this from a CD without problems.

One of my coworkers showed my a perl script to convert text documents into HTML. This hould help speed up the process of converting the manuals. I'm touching the manuals up after that.

Last day before the official first release. I hope all goes well. This is my debut KDE application by the way.

Putting finishing touches on application. Too much Quake III the last couple days...

Now using PNG for snapshots, JPGs for labels and HTML for manuals. Still working on the web pages. You want it too look pretty.

Beginning to create the web pages for KStella :)

Stephen Anthony

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